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more established records?” It’s hard to argue with that. On The Mystery Train you are as likely to hear a song by a bloke you saw play in a pub in Gloucester last week as you are by Bruce Springsteen or Bob Dylan. Alex recognises that music made locally is as valid and important as any other he plays on the program. “In fact sometimes it's more important because it may be the first time a writer or band gets to hear their own work on a radio station!”


So what has led him to pleasing the ears of the listeners of Stroud FM? “I can't play an instrument - so I decided to share my passion for music in another way. Like a lot of people starting out - I joined a hospital radio station.” From there Alex hosted a late night slot on local station CAT FM, but after that came to an end in 2000, it wasn’t until last year (2012) that he made a return to the airwaves via community radio station Severn FM. When this hit financial difficulties, Stroud FM offered him a similar late Sunday evening slot, something that seems to sit comfortably with both parties. “Being a community station - Stroud FM's remit is to help support all things 'local' - events, the arts, music, the things happening that effect a local community. It's a valuable service most commercial radio stations appear to do so grudgingly, if at all.”


When asked about local artists he has discovered through doing the show, Alex produces a list as long as his arm, and admits that he was amazed by the power of Gloucester singer songwriter Russ Poole's vocals – “He performed a wonderful live set! But the biggest highlight for me is to have so many music loving listeners that enjoy interacting, recommending songs and sharing thoughts.” This year he has interviewed Ron Sexsmith soon after a show at the Royal Albert Hall, Tracey Browne after the Beautiful Days Festival and Mercury Prize nominated Kathryn Williams who recently played at the Prince Albert in Stroud.


So what’s the next stop for The Mystery Train? “It would be great to build things. I want to introduce people to music that's life affirming, thought provoking and genuinely moving - sometimes all three. It's an honour to share that passion with those that take the trouble to listen. I would love it if local musicians - especially singer songwriters from the area get in contact. Stroud FM is committed to playing music by people within our county and community radio stations are always looking for support - be that financial or in helping to make high quality programs.”


You can’t say fairer than that. The Mystery Train departs Stroud FM at 10pm every Sunday night. Buy your tickets (metaphorically) at As of March 2014 - Alex has returned to



While I was at Stroud FM, I was interviewed by Tom Brunsdon for the excellent on-line magazine 'Behind The Scene Gloucestershire' December 2013 edition. If you want to know more about the music scene in Gloucestershire past, present or future  - then this publication comes highly recommended! It's a great on-line resource! Click the link below.

To learn more about Behind The Scene Gloucestershire see or follow via twitter - or facebook - or click link below:-

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Last summer we spent several days painting and decorating our living room. In our haste, we dropped the TV and the screen shattered – it had gone to electrical appliance heaven. Needing a soundtrack for our DIY, I searched the internet and found The Mystery Train radio show. It had a refreshing blend of classic bands, new talent and local artists. Impressed by this mix, I chatted to Alex Huskisson, host of The Mystery Train, about songwriters, local bands and all things radio.

“I treat everything the same way,” Alex says when asked about the importance of having local music on the show. “For me music is either good or bad. Though music is subjective - I attempt to showcase the good stuff. I'm absolutely convinced this is the right way to properly 'hear' music! Why shouldn't a great song by a local group or songwriter be played alongside