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People always ask me about the title of the program. Is it called 'The Mystery Train Radio Show' because some of the oldest blues recordings mention 'trains'? Perhaps you named it after the Junior Parker song Elvis Presley covered so brilliantly? Or perhaps it's because of family history, given the fact the very first person to be killed by a train was MP for Liverpool William Huskisson?


All these questions are valid, however my answer will always be the same...

'I'll never tell'!


'For a musical journey that covers both new and familiar ground tune in from 10pm each Sunday night'.


This radio show will focus in on singer-songwriters locally, nationally and internationally.


The program will feature artists new and old - different genre's too. We open the pages of the 'rock date diary' to look at events that have happened in the history of popular music (from the 1930 's - bang up to date). Live music and interviews will be incorporated. The show loves to feature music from artists right here in Gloucestershire as well as those further afield!


Older shows recorded for Severn FM (up to March 2013) are available to listen to on-line and new shows will be added to the listen again facility going forward.


If you visit http://www.severnfm.com/ you'll find the Severn FM 'listenagain' facility. Click 'shows' and scroll down the page to find 'The Mystery Train'. Select a date or show you'd like to listen to... and away you go.


I have also added a mixture of shows and interviews to 'The Old Train Yard 'section of this website...


Happy listening & remember to....

'The Mystery Train Radio Show' hosted by Alex Huskisson.

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